Can’t afford to get life cover?

Many people think they can’t afford life insurance to cover their mortgage or maybe have an amount of all the debt outstanding.

If you can’t afford a life insurance policy for the amount of your mortgage for example of £125’000 and you don’t take insurance out you’d get nothing on the death of an insured party. If you instead take an amount you can afford monthly payments for at least you have cover for  a bulk of outstanding debt or mortgage.

Maybe the amount outstanding is £125k but the monthly payments put you off, why not take out a life insurance policy for half that and be at least covered for part of it. You could also just use the money which isn’t the full amount of your mortgage say but could help for many many years with it.

Our advice is not to be put off or for you to say I’ll sort that another day but to fill out our online life insurance quote form or to call us and discuss what DOES work for you and your budget.