Critical Illness Insurance & Terminal illness insurance (LIFE)

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Critical Illness Insurance can be quite a  cheap insurance and so a good policy to add to Life Insurance as we’ll explain why it’s a better option than Terminal illness insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance when you take a policy out you decide how much you would like as a lump sum payment. Your monthly payment premium is then determined by that amount you’ve decided.

In most cases people set the amount to whatever is left on their properties mortgage and maybe any debt they have outstanding. The thinking behind this is to make sure they have insurance to cover debt if they become Critical ill. Different conditions covered by critical illness insurance policies include kidney failure, heart attack, cancer, etc

Critical Illness Insurance £pm ?

Terminal illness insurance £pm ?

Terminal illness insurance can be Insufficient so be aware of the pitfalls! If you are diagnosed with a condition normally covered by critical illness cover but does look at the time terminal? In a nut shell, Terminal illness insurance will not pay out and be left with many years of tests, treatments and hospital visits and cash payout or money as a result of taking out a terminal illness insurance policy.