Life Insurance with NO Medical

Life Insurance QuoteIf you are wanting a Life Insurance Quote but would rather not have the hassle of having to take a medical test then Life Insurance with NO Medical is the answer!

We can provide you with a quote for Life Cover, whether it’s for a Mortgage, Debts or a cash return just fill out the details on our Life Insurance Quote Form page and get a quote. It maybe that we don’t give you the quote the moment you click “Submit” but we will call you back within 12 hours to discuss your needs.

Medicals for life insurance are usually to cover the insurers to make sure the person they are about to give a Life Cover Policy to isn’t prone to die within a short time forcing an early payout of cash.

Although that is what Life insurance is for the medicals that sometimes are requested are to assess whether or not the person wanting insurance has a hunch they aren’t 100% fit.

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