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Leukemia and having life insurance

Leukemia is a type of cancer of the blood and causes issues with people because of the high increase of immature white blood cells.

In the past 8 months as the person that runs this website have lost a grandmother and aunt to Leukemia my aunt just yesterday.So no one is excluded or excused from it.

Even though Leukemia is a treatable disease a Child is more likely to be permanently cured than an adult or older person.

It moves quite fast into people and like HIV breaks down your self defence in your body and makes you prone to getting infections and other illnesses.

No one plans dealth and so be ready with some life insurance just in case.

Over 70 life insurance

Taking out life insurance is usually seen by people as a policy for a younger person or couple and for the accidental death, illness or something you’re not expecting.

As a 70 year old yes, you probably will have a few years life in you to go and probably won’t have anyone dependant on you. People of the age or around the age of 70 usually take out life insurance to cover the costs of their funeral. Even though this sum won’t be huge like a mortgage protection life insurance policy it’s a great way to safe guide the costs of a funeral.

You may have family that maybe could’nt afford say £3000 – £5000 for a funeral and so this is …

Life Insurance Over 50

If you are over 50 and would like to take out a life insurance policy, we can help you to choose the right one. It’s maybe that you’ve paid your mortgage off and you’re thinking of your son, daughter or even grandchildren. The policy can run for a fix term of say 30 years and payout at the end or pays out on your death giving your loved ones a lump sum of money.

A lump sum or a reason to take out an over 50’s life insurance plan might be to help pay for funeral costs. As you’ll guess these arn’t cheap and a lot of people don’t want to leave this financial commitment to their loved ones once they have passed away.