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Life insurance When You Move House

Moving house is a stressful time and their are lots of things to do like changing your address with banks, driving licence dept, schools and the list goes on. Usually when people move they move into a bigger more expensive house as their family grows and so maybe a mortgage of £150’000 is now £225’00’.

Would you current life insurance mortgage policy cover that if you died? The lump sum payout before for the house would have been just enough to pay off your old mortgage or house value.

When moving house you need to do a rain check on all your life cover polices to check what values they pay out and check whether they are for enough value to cover big debts like your mortgage, loans and …

When you should consider Life Insurance

Starting a family, getting married, buying a home or maybe changing jobs? All of these have risks attached to them and having life insurance gives you and your dependants and safety net with life cover.

Starting a family and with children in the home can put spanners into the works on many levels and the life insurance is a must with all the “what if’s” As soon as you see and hold your first child you know exactly what we mean by nothing else matters apart from the future of that child’s life. The safety, the knowledge that he or she will be looked after if either of you ever died and left a mortgage, debts, bills and costs.

Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment a couple can …

Mortgage Life Insurance

Many people have a mortgage and a family to support. What would happen to your families home if you died and the mortgage stopped been paid? If you didn’t have Mortgage life cover probably the worse thing that could is your families home would be reposessed, would have to move out and left with debts.

This all can be avoided by having mortgage life insurance to cover you and your family for the unplanned event of death. Your mortgage would be paid off instantly and your family  would have one less thing to worry about if you did die and they were left without you.

For a small monthly fee you can protect your family with life insurance cover that could equal or be more than your mortgage at …