Track down lost life insurance

Life Insurance QuoteHave you lost or forgotten about an insurance policy, a bank account or pension? It could be among the estimated £20bn of unclaimed assets in the UK, but how easy is it to find it?

Rod Hewitt contacted the BBC about his parents’ lost insurance policies. In his childhood, he remembers a man coming to the door each week and collecting money from his mother for life insurance policies.

Company search

There were other insurance companies operating in the area, most notably the Prudential. But the Co-op was the most active, according to Kevin Cassie from Pegswood Parish Council.

The Unclaimed Asset Register (UAR) currently has around 4.5 million assets registered from 85 companies which choose to co-operate. The UAR says it is estimated there could be up to £20bn of unclaimed assets in the UK, but it concedes there are no definitive figures.

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