Funeral Cover

Funeral Life Insurance cover is designed to cover the costs associated to your funeral helping loved ones by not having to worry about.

The life cover policy would cover all the costs related to your death and any expenses. This would be services such as car hire, coffin, flowers, the actual funeral service it’s self and any other special requests you may wish to have for your loved ones.

This type of  life cover is a lot less than your mortgage and standard life cover policies due to the amount you are covering yourself for. The last thing people want when they are at a certain age is to leave loved ones and family with the cost of their death.

Funeral Cover is usually taken out by older people knowing the fact we all do die and the latest figures show on average women do live longer than men.

  • Mens average life expectancy about 77
  • Womens average life expectancy about 82

These figures  Life expectancy at birth (years), UN World Population Prospects 2010

In England and Wales in 2010 the age 85 for men was the most common age at death.

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